Resizing Addressable RGB Zones in OpenRGB

OpenRGB will need to know the number of lighiting elements connected to each header to properly display and control each one. It is also useful to size the elements even if useing the built in modes so a rainbow wave or bounch effect ends at the end of the lighting element.

Note on RGB Hubs

Most common RGB hubs, splitters or cables will just dupilcate the signal (putting all elements in parallel). When setting up the size of the elements, it will be ideal for all stings to be the same length so ARGB effects will wrap at the same time.

Calculating Length of Chained Elements

Some elements like fans and LED strips can be chained to together to create one long strip. To calcuate the length, add up the number of LEDs in each individual element. If using all elements of the same type, mutiply the number of LEDs per element by the number of elements in the chain.

List of Common RGB Fan LED Counts

VendorFanLED CountChainConnector
Cooler MasterMF120 Halo24ParallelARGB 3-Pin
Cooler MasterMF140 Halo24ParallelARGB 3-Pin
CorsairLL12016SeriesCorsair (Molex SL)
CorsairLL14016SeriesCorsair (Molex SL)
CorsairML1204SeriesCorsair (Molex SL)
CorsairML1404SeriesCorsair (Molex SL)
CorsairQL12034SeriesCorsair (Molex SL)
CorsairQL14034SeriesCorsair (Molex SL)
Lian-LiBora Digital12NoneJST SM
Lian-LiUNI Fan SL12016SeriesUNI Fan (JST SM 3-Pin)
Lian-LiUNI Fan SL14016SeriesUNI Fan (JST SM 3-Pin)
Lian-LiUNI Fan AL12016?SeriesUNI Fan (JST SM 3-Pin)
Lian-LiUNI Fan AL14016?SeriesUNI Fan (JST SM 3-Pin)
ThermaltakePure 12 ARGB9NoneARGB 3-Pin
ThermaltakePure 14 ARGB9NoneARGB 3-Pin
ThermaltakePure 20 ARGB9NoneARGB 3-Pin
ThermaltakePure Plus 129NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakePure Plus 149NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakeRiing Plus 1212NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakeRiing Plus 1412NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakeRiing Duo 1218NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakeRiing Duo 1418NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakeRiing Trio 1230NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakeRiing Trio 1430NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakeRiing Trio 2060NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakeRiing Quad 1254NoneThermaltake 9-Pin
ThermaltakeRiing Quad 1454NoneThermaltake 9-Pin

List of Common LED Strip LED Counts

VendorLED StripLED CountChainConnector
PhanteksNeon M4 400mm28SeriesJST SM 3-Pin
PhanteksNeon M5 550mm38SeriesJST SM 3-Pin
PhanteksNeon M1 1000mm70SeriesJST SM 3-Pin